What we offer

RTek is the ultimate development shop specializing in serverless cloud solutions, social media marketing, enterprise software integration, mobile apps, media production, augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

Do you want to grow your social media organically or bring more targeted users to your online website, We sell social media posts in 3 easy steps : Choose your target audience, Tell us your story and Monitor your Google Analytics

We are a small and dedicated group of software engineers offering custom mobile apps, augmented, virtual and mixed reality, 360º video experiences, computer vision and more. We are a focused group of nerds with a burning desire to build innovative solutions, we hope you’ll let us build your next system or process improvements.

We have worked on major production sets and We understand how to make the process of shooting simple, easy and cost effective. Our productions are primarily non-union and we have very lil overhead. We’re highly competitive in our budgeting. Although we boast a very special niche in 3d, augmented, virtual and mixed reality; we most certainly look forward to providing 4k or UHD commercials, movies, music videos and more.

The medical industry continues to evolve, and healthcare technology has been helping in the continuous improvement of this sector. Digitization of health care is deemed to be the hottest trend to date as it’s fast growing to the point that a lot of experts believe it’s already close to reaching $536.6 billion. What does this imply? Soon enough, we’re going to witness the birth of a half-trillion-dollar industry.

Choose Me, Rodney! Now that is a great idea!

I started this marathon from my Mother's garage in a small town; Jefferson Township located in the City of Dayton, OH. I learned customer satisfaction at an early age by fixing VCRs for neighbors, local church and school board members. My Mother did not want dissatisfied customers returning to her home which is why today I hold our software design, development and delivery to the highest standards. This is why we're meticulous and transparent about each step of the software delivery process. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Choose RTek, Owner, Rodney Lewis for a great idea!

“Our experience at RTek was overwhelmingly incredible. The services from design to delivery exceeded our expectations”

Public Influence

“RTek is a dedicated and focused team, The communication rocks we were educated throughout the life cycle of our project milestones”

State of Arizona

“RTek is great at identifying major issues fast and coming up with quick quality solutions. Very knowledgeable with X12 EDI, enterprise applications like Microsoft Biztalk and exceptional overall total Healthcare IT delivery”


Monthly subscriptions

For many businesses having a website is key and at RTek we make it easy for our clients to create and maintain their own static website. Dont be scared we are here to support you.



Perfect for the business owner who just wants an internet presense for visitors to get in touch with them via traditional communcations.

  • Website (Default Theme)

  • Simple Content Management System



Great for a thriving business looking to get more local exposure through social media marketing. This package includes the Silver plus these additional features

  • 2 x Targeted Direct Social Media posts

  • Google Analytics



If the starter packages just isn't enough; Do you require a database to persists data and/or media encoding and streaming services? Then this package is for you.

  • Website (Choose Theme)

  • Database

  • Media Streaming

  • 5 x Targeted Direct Social Media posts

  • Send/Receive Payments

  • Limited Support